Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Save the Date ! ! ! . . Personal Wedding Websites

  Save The Date! ! !  . . . . . . 

Today most of us are on line, nearly 24/7! Emails, text messages, social media, instant messaging, never before has technology been so 'important' in our lives, with our friends and families moving further away, wonderful technology has brought us closer together. All the websites mentioned are easy and fun to use. Here are my Top 3!!! 

First up is


WiX is a wonderful platform to use. Just simply pick your template and upload your images and text.

As time passes you can 'blog' your Wedding Journey to keep everyone up to date.


Another beautiful free and easy to use Wedding Website is mywedding


Here on this multi-functional website, you have built in tools in your 'Menu Planner' as well as an option to build a website too. With over 600 website designs to choose from, your own personal Wedding Website is a great way to show of your Wedding theme, even with the option to match your website with Wedding stationary! 


For the more Modern Contemporary Bridal Couple squarespace is an another beautiful, easy to use website. 

You have options to pick your own domain, RSVP and lots of templates where you can choose colours, fonts, layouts, to create the look you wish. You can also be rest assured there is an award winning 24/7 customer care service team to help you with any questions you may have. 

Short and Sweet but I think you will find the best possible website for your needs out of these 3 fantastic options. 


* Collect all your friends and families mobile contact numbers and add them to a list. Use one of the group apps on your mobile device so when you have compiled all the contact numbers you need, add them to your Wedding Guest Group. When your Website is live, you can simply send the same message to everyone announcing your Wedding Date, Time, Location of the Ceremony and Reception venue etc!!! 

* Update your website with random photos of how your plans are coming along. If your a DIY Bridal couple making booklets, why not share with your family and friends the fun you are both having!! 

* Best to test and play around with the functions to create the perfect page for you both and don't forget to save, preview and spell check before going 'live'!! 

* And most of all ..... Have Fun!!!!