Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Would a Photo/ Video App be up your Aisle?? Part I


Excuse the 'overly' enthusiastic text squeal!!! 

I'm still getting the grip of writing a blog and I find my blogs are based on fact and info. You are going to see another side to me. I'm a tech and app Geek!! Love functional apps, ones that make our day to day lives more fun, sharing our experiences with our closest and fondest loved ones. Unfortunately my iPad doesn't have enough GB's to hold all the apps I have downloaded over the years! Believe me, there are quite a few!  (O.o)

Well, today, finally, I have had the time set aside to 'play' with this 'new to me' fab app, which I have been wanting to investigate for quite a while. I can advise, it does drain the battery life of my iPad, so if you don't need it, just delete and download when you need it again. 

Anyway to my amazement, the abundant features automatically installed, I can agree it must be the #1 Wedding App out there today and what's more, IT IS FREE!!! Yes, you did read that correctly, it is FREE!!! 

In this blog, I'm going to go through as many features as possible without boring you to tears. It is mainly an image based blog to show you what it looks like so you don't need to waste your time investigating it, soooooooo, here we go. 

The images are taken from my Apple device as screen shots. Android users may have a slightly different view. 

So, to start off with, this is what the developers say about the App in the Apple Store. 



Apologies for the large and slightly blurred images. I hope you can make out the text information thou. So, after downloading and launching the app, the following screen appears. You have the option to set up as a bride and groom or join a wedding also cleverly to sign up or use as Demo, which I did just that. 

Next, I logged in with my personal Facebook profile with reassurance they wouldn't post on my timeline through Facebook. Thumbs up for that!

Still Curious?? Read on! I think the Project Tester is coming out in me, (past life career!)

So as the Demo has already been set up by the developers, dummy names and dates are used. From here you can join an album, create your own, print etc. I'll get to that later.
My name Demo is in pink and there is a notification welcoming me to the app.

From here, you have the option to view the photos already uploaded, you have the chance to include your own photos or you can order prints! *brill*

Below you will see you can add Video content too! How cool is that?!?!

Obviously access permissions are required. 

If you are a guest, this wedding photo/ video app allows up to 20 photos to be uploaded from your library! Saves time so you can enjoy the celebrations as they are happening!

Below you can choose an album to add your photos to.

Here you see I have uploaded a few photos from a recent wedding fair, my showcase table and myself included. See here where you can Tag Friends, place them in an album already created or create your own and allow other guests to include their photos to collaborate one large album.  

The next images are self explanatory. 

 Uploaded Photos.

Ok.... I think that just might be enough for now! ;D 

Part II is coming up soon very soon!

Need to chat to me but location is an issue. 
Contact me to organise a video conference. Skype, Facebook Messenger, Blab... I love Apps remember! ;-) 


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Help! I cannot find an available Celebrant for my wedding date!

Does the above statement look familiar to you?
Are you stressing out over, calling multiple celebrants, enquiring who is available to perform your wedding ceremony at a time and location that suits you?
Embracing Life Ceremonies can help! 

Ireland and our Equality Laws have changed for the better in 2015. Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex under the Marriage Equality Bill 2015. This is fantastic news but it does come with a little headache. The flood gates have been opened so you are finding registrars and secular celebrants in Ireland are booked up. You are finding dead ends and all hope to get married is fading fast; you just cannot find a Registrar to perform your Ceremony!!

Many couples who are planning their wedding may not know the following.

You do have two options, either wait for an available Registrar/ Secular celebrant or you can speak to someone like myself, a trained and qualified Independent Celebrant to perform ceremonies, write a personal and unique ceremony reflecting who you both are as individuals and as a couple who want to dearly make a commitment to spend the rest of your lives together.

There is so much more freedom involved in booking an Independent Celebrant. We do not have restrictions on venue locations, time of day or day of week. We travel anywhere in the world. We perform many rituals required to your needs and at the end of the day, we aim to see you both smile, laugh, entertain, maybe shed a tear but most of all, share Your story with your loved ones present in body and in essence.

If this is something you would dearly love for your day, drop me a line here.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Planning your wedding? Are you stuck? Overwhelmed?

Belated Happy New Year to you, 2016, the year of the Red Fire Monkey! The Chinese New Year begins on 8th February, a New Moon Day.

Are you wondering what I am waffling on about? Well, in the holistic world, the New Moon day is a good day to set good intentions, make a plan for the month ahead and take a note of it every day. If you stick to it, you will see within that fortnight on the Full Moon, you have taken many steps forward. By continuing onto the next New Moon, you will feel some self satisfaction you have achieved something.

What is this got to do with Weddings, you ask? Well, I can only imagine, having been there myself many moons ago, no pun intended, planning your Wedding from start to finish is a daunting and for some overwhelming thought! So, where do you start?

Take a slow deep breath right now, right down to your tummy and then let it go, exhale. Do this slowly, just a few times or you may feel lightheaded.

I love the idea of starting something on a New Moon. Still curious, well here's my explanation.

It is not a requirement to start your list on a New Moon, but it is considered a new moon is about new beginnings, fresh start, making plans and I use it as a tool to set goals for myself and if you want to discipline yourself, start your To Do List then. Your list doesn't need to be fancy. It is just a list with headings of what needs to be booked, ordered etc. When I was planning my wedding I purchased a jotter, tore out pages, wrote the headings on the top of the pages and stapled them together! When I was finished or completed something, I would remove the page and obviously keep it near by for reference.
So to start off, section off your list onto separate pages ie Photographer on one page, Hair on another, Hotel maybe keep two or three pages, Ceremony, Music...  When you make contact with the vendors, make a brief note of who you spoke to, when you called and what you discussed and note these details. Soon you will see, 'Your Planning Bible' will start to work for you, keeping you on track.
If you combine this with the Mrs2Be Wedding Planner Guide, you will be the best organised and stress free couple.

So, make it your mission this week to purchase a nice notebook and a few tabs. Section the book off into the different vendor categories and when you have completed your booking, make a note of it.
For appointments, take a note of them but also duplicate them into a diary.
Tip: If you have access, use Google Calender and add invitees so everyone is kept in the loop.

In a fortnight, you can review all your hard work and see how far you have become!

Below is a quick list of heading ideas to start you off! ;)

  • Ceremony Venue
  • Reception Venue 
  • Room Décor
  • Ceremony Music
  • Reception Music
  • Entertainment (photobooth, magician, dancing, dinner entertainment)
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Hair 
  • Makeup
  • Suits (if applicable)
  • Dresses (if applicable)
  • DJ
  • Florist
  • Cars
  • Honeymoon
  • Invitations
  • Cake
Research is Key but don't get too bogged down thou. Pop over to my Pinterest page to get some wonderful ideas on diy projects, wedding theme colours, tips, hairstyle ideas, beauty tips etc... There is something for everyone! 

Happy Planning!!!