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Alternative Ceremonies

Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

Handfasting - Pagan - Reiki - Crystal - Sage - Douser

I believe waking every day, what is for me won't pass me. Everything I see or do, it is an opportunity to change, move forward to enrich my life, thus enriching lives around me. 

During my journey, my early years in solace, I believed I had something different. It wasn't until, after many disastrous roads, failed attempts to be someone who I wasn't, just to fit in, by default, I was pushed back onto the path I am now. 

In the beginning it didn't make any sense but somehow, I just knew. I felt I was at home, somehow, but when I left the 'community' of people, back into the real world, I was suffocating. When I met with 'like minded people', I learned many skills. Reading different 'Cards' such as the Tarot, Angel Cards ~ AA Raphael and AA Michael cards, to Oracle cards, attended workshops and mediumship meetings and so on. 

In 2009 I completed Reiki I and later to complete Reiki II in 2013. That was an amazing experience. In my Reiki Masters words "What you saw, Vanessa, a young Reiki healer wouldn't know yet..... Vanessa, I strongly advise you finish off your Reiki and become a Master yourself! I couldn't and won't describe what I saw, but believe me it was powerful. I was in a vulnerable situation, emotionally at that stage so maybe, because of the path I was on, it opened my spirit and I could connect more freely. I still today have to finish my Reiki but I will do, when the time is right and I believe that time will present itself to me when I'm ready. 

Dragon holding a handmade Handfasting cord made by myself, presented with a certificate and gift box. Made to order. 

Now, you may be asking yourself, sure what has that got to do with a wedding ceremony? I believe my couples will come to me. I have noticed, no matter how much I advertise; pay for marketing this and marketing that, my couples appear to me from nowhere, not linked to my time spend advertising? We cross paths in this world for a reason and mine is no different. 

Each bead and piece is placed and sewn.
I have noticed more and more lately, couples are asking me to perform 'Pagan Wedding Ceremonies’ and to be honest, when I started doing them, I felt I was going to be out of my depth, but when I was performing them, the feedback I received, from the couple and their guest were breath taking. Again, this was another realisation, on my path; I am doing what I am supposed to do on this earth plane. 
When I make a Handfasting cord, I charge and envoke the cords with properous intentions.

When I am performing a cleansing ceremony, I incorporate Sage and use crystals to magnify the clearing and cleansing. At times I may require only to cleanse one individual, maybe due to a troubled past or illness. There are times when I have to cleanse a room before guests arrive. I need to be alone doing this so the energies are not interrupted. 

Another design, a Heirloom Wedding Certificate, signed by the couple.
Background, a dragon buring Dragons Blood and blue sage. The fragrance created a unique ambiance, a first for many to experience. 

During a wedding ceremony, by request, I will wear a white cloak. This is okayed by the couple beforehand. It is not everybody’s cup of tea but I have discovered many couples are surprised I have one and opt for it too. This is only worn during the clearing, cleansing and the handfasting ceremony. 

During the handfasting ceremony, I sage the handfasting cords after they are placed on the couples hands. I sage my own at this stage too so I don't transfer my energies. As I am performing the ceremony, I explain what I am doing to the guests, who are very inquisitive at this stage. This ritual provides many photo opportunities because of the intimacy created during those moments.

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Blessed Be. xx
~ Vanessa ~ 

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