Tuesday, 21 February 2017


I will keep this blog post short and sweet! Yeah!!

The number one Wedding Planning Tip I would advise to be is to .....


Research Everything and Everyone you are hiring for one of the most lavish and memorable days of your lives! With respect, there are couples who are frugal and who can keep their expenses to a minimum, please send me your tips and Ideas! I would love to share a few here! ;)

When you are planning your wedding, even to hire a wedding planner, it is vital you get some sort of feedback from previous clients, preferably directly from the person too. A friend of the supplier is Not GOOD ENOUGH! If you want to spend your hard earned money, or someone else's if you're lucky, don't waste a cent, dime until all your questions are answered, you are satisfied the supplier you are looking into meets your expectations and your 'inner voice' which is your gut instinct, follow it. It NEVER lies! 

As a supplier myself, I will never 'churn' anything out, made or designed by myself if I wouldn't accept it myself nor would I take on any clients I couldn't meet their expectations too. I have seen soooo much and heard from good reliables sources, suppliers 'white lies', letting their clients down, or making arrangements behind their clients backs and on the day a replacement is there. I cannot imagine how anyone would feel if this was the case. I know things pop up last minute, family crisis etc, but going away on holidays or been booked for another wedding is simply just NOT ON! πŸ™…

Here are my few tips: 

  • LISTS! Oh, boy I love Lists! 
  • Write everything down or email. 
  • Price compare.
  • Have YOU got wedding Insurance? Yes! It is very advisable these days to purchase it! 
  • Check out like minded social media wedding groups.
  • Have you seen what you want in person? Be careful of purchasing off some advert sites. A lot of convincing people are out there. If you're purchasing anything, use PayPal. You don't need an account.
  • Wedding Dress hunting. PLEASE PLEASE purchase from a reputable store! You may be in a position and willing to pay a lot of money on this special gown. Do check out are they open long? Have they won any awards? Do a background check and search for business details online. You will find a wealth of knowledge doing one of these checks. How long in existence? How many directors? and so on.
  • Set up a Skype, FaceTime or Video Message account and speak to you supplier. Majority of people are on Social Media. I always get a pain in the pit of my stomach if someone immediately tells me they cannot do a video call and it's not because they are not used to social media. Not in all cases, but in most, they are not legit. You can make up your own mind. This is my own point of view and I have been correct majority of the time. πŸ˜‰
Have you any tips to add here? I will give your name a wee shout out! πŸ˜‰

Ciao for Now! ~ Vanessa ~ 

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